Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bar has been Raised

I posted this comment on Take a Word the other day...thought you would like to read what I said...

I have just scrolled through all of the challenges that have been posted so far, left a message on most... but I would like to comment on the standard of the work...if I may!!
I have been with the 3 Muses and Take a Word for about 12 months now and I an truly astonished in the calibre of the challenges. The bar seems to have been lifted, with the very high standard that is in the collages that I am seeing now. I would, as an artist and a fan of these pages, like to congratulate all of the artists that contribute to these challenges and say 'extremely' well done on what you are producing at the moment. It is a credit to you all and it is a pleasure to scroll through all of this fabulous inspirational art work....what more can I say..



Janine said...

Love your ebony and ivory.
Very pretty

Ozstuff said...

Well said, Glenys. Would you mind if I copied this and posted it at Take a Word? It is a great tribute and it deserves a wider audience.

"MOI" Freubel said...

You are TOTALY right Glenys !!!
And YES..please DO Marie !!

indybev said...

What generous kind words, Glenys. We Three Muses have long felt the artists who are loyal to our challenge are the cream of the crop. You are absolutely right, they do set a very high standard which has carried over to Marie's Take A Word challenge. It is gratifying to know others notice. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!