Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to 2011 !!

What a year 2010 was!!

To bring in the New Year, I would like to thank all of my followers and many friends for being so supportive during 2010.

It was a 'growth' year and at times a difficult one...but those mountains have now been successfully conquered and I am on a new path of artistic and creative endeavours.

May 2011 be a fabulous one for you all.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Muses: Comfort and Joy

Comfort and much Joy!
To be able to write a few words about this time of the year when we all are looking forward to the New Year and reflecting on the 'old'... I am writing this note to let you know that the 'comfort and joy' that I experience is with my dear husband, Robert.
We were married when we were 'about 3' and in April 2011 we will have been married for 48 years.
During that time we have produced 4 fabulous children, whom, I might add, are older than us now.... 7 absolutely beautiful Grandchildren some are just about to enter the big world of 'working'!
Admittedly, there have been some very tough times, some very sad times, some times that we have put in the 'too hard basket' and just got on with it... but all in all the times that we are sharing now are the best times in our 'young lives'!
A lot of travel, a lot of sitting and having cups of tea, a lot of 'new love' that has been generated by the fact that we have been together for so long and no need to question each other... such a beautiful time that we are able to stroll on the beach, when ever we can get there, that is... and just be at one with ourselves.
"Great tidings of comfort and joy"
Sending this early, as we are off to visit family for Christmas.
May you and yours have a very happy family time together and may 2011 bring all your dreams true.
Thanks for a fabulous year of 'creating'...I am looking forward to even more excitement in 2011.
My fondest wishes to you all,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Take a Word: Celebrate

What more can I say than...
Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Mankind and especially to you and yours.
My special Christmas wishes to you all, Glenys.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Muses: Odd Couple

A very close view of a very eccentric ODD couple.
Not quite what was expected.
Click image to see the full details.
(This image made in Photoshop.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take a Word: Childhood

Childhood ... Imagine.
What an honour to be guest artist this week... thanks for your invitation... much appreciated!

Imagine….Childhood ... how I made it.

Background: scanned image of a sheet of paper that I rusted, placed a ‘differnce’ filter to change the colour. Used a jagged eraser tool to rough the edges.

Little girl: Scanned image from a children’s story book. Ipod drawn in with fine brush tool.

Pods: made with the ‘eliptical marquee tool’. Added a layer style “bevel and emboss”. Used different brush tools to get the images onto the surface of the Pods. Filter>render>lens flare>zoom onto each pod. Tails of the pods are different brush tools.

In large pod a brush tool “tree” shape was used for dark images, layer copied, flipped vertical and transformed with opacity set at 65% to form a shadow.

Final touch was on background layer, filter>render>lens flare>movie prime, for the blue lines.

Lower left corner .. many clicks with brush tool.

Text: Bleeding cowboy.

This piece was made with many layers, more than 25, so I could have control of what I actually wanted in the image.

Hope you enjoy!
I then made this other art piece.... Childhood: Imagination

Childhood Imagination 4

Same image as Imagine… For this result I used a photoshop Action: Out of Bounds which I download at I've never tried this before.

It was mentioned on Rian’s blog

that she used for the ‘cube’ to make a recent image…. So I went looking and found a whole manner of stuff on this site… what fun I have had! Thanks, Rian!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Muses: Flowers


I am sure you all know me by now and I like to take the challenge to beyond what is 'normal'(?)!

This is another one of those that just 'tickled my fancy'!

I knew that there would be many 'pretty' works this week.... but how I loved it when MORTICIA from THE ADDAMS FAMILY received her roses and immedialtly cut the blooms off!

Hope it really 'tickles your fancy'!!

Have lots of laughs on me with this one!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take a Word: Mail

OH No!! Not again!!
That pesky postal machine has eaten my precious envelope and then it had to go through the defacing embarrassment of being 'stamped' on from all manner of departments!
I save them and put them in my journals!!
Such works of art made by unknown hands!!
Love it!