Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Rainbow at the end of Turmoil.

We live in a country of extremes.... bush fires on one side of the country and devasting, deadly floods on the other.

I am pasting a poem that my 15 year old grandaughter wrote, that really captures how we all feel and how we will come through all that Mother Nature wants to throw at us.


By the time we sensed it, it was too late
We had no warning
It just came and took away


It was strong
we tried so hard to get away
but we couldn’t

It was tall
It towered the trees
It destroyed

It was destructing
nothing was left

It took away
our pride

our Happiness

our life

but only for a while

Still, Im waiting for my
to tell me everything's going to be alright

because I know it won’t be
at least not for a while.

Serena Gonsalves Ó


Eila A said...

Glenys, I have been reading the news from your country with a deep feeling of compassion for all those people who have lost their homes. Your graddaughter's poem is very touching. I certainly hope that the floods will be over by now. But is there anything left there?

Ozstuff said...

Glenys, your granddaughter is so talented. Her poem is touching and beautiful. I hope she has all the chances in the world to become a writer of note. We should all take down her name for future reference.