Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take a Word: Childhood

Childhood ... Imagine.
What an honour to be guest artist this week... thanks for your invitation... much appreciated!

Imagine….Childhood ... how I made it.

Background: scanned image of a sheet of paper that I rusted, placed a ‘differnce’ filter to change the colour. Used a jagged eraser tool to rough the edges.

Little girl: Scanned image from a children’s story book. Ipod drawn in with fine brush tool.

Pods: made with the ‘eliptical marquee tool’. Added a layer style “bevel and emboss”. Used different brush tools to get the images onto the surface of the Pods. Filter>render>lens flare>zoom onto each pod. Tails of the pods are different brush tools.

In large pod a brush tool “tree” shape was used for dark images, layer copied, flipped vertical and transformed with opacity set at 65% to form a shadow.

Final touch was on background layer, filter>render>lens flare>movie prime, for the blue lines.

Lower left corner .. many clicks with brush tool.

Text: Bleeding cowboy.

This piece was made with many layers, more than 25, so I could have control of what I actually wanted in the image.

Hope you enjoy!
I then made this other art piece.... Childhood: Imagination

Childhood Imagination 4

Same image as Imagine… For this result I used a photoshop Action: Out of Bounds which I download at I've never tried this before.

It was mentioned on Rian’s blog

that she used for the ‘cube’ to make a recent image…. So I went looking and found a whole manner of stuff on this site… what fun I have had! Thanks, Rian!!


Ozstuff said...

Glenys, your picture is so unique and touchingly beautiful. The artwork is stunning. Added to that, I thoroughly enjoyed the story of its creation from beginning to end. Fantastic.
Thanks so much for providing the sample picture this week.

Judy said...

Wow, Glenys, what an imagination YOU have, such an interesting collage, thanks for sharing your creative process!

Grannie Annie said...

Glenys ~ What a totally delightful and excellent sample expression of childhood...I love it...Bravo!!!

Lori Saul said...

This is superb Glenys- it expresses the whimsy and the curiosity of a young girl about nature and imagination (even as she is hooked up to her Ipod)! Wonderful inspiration!

Katie said...

These are both amazing. I love the girl you chose. She is so different- like her posture and the whole composition. really cool Glenys!

Junibears said...

Great piece Glenys. Such an imagination you have. Excellent work.xx

Jackie said...

Thanks for providing such inspirational pieces as samples, Glenys - wonderful work!

Fabric Art said...

Wonderful work Glenys you have a great imagination.

indybev said...

Dang! My comment went into the ether! Here goes again. Thanks so much for sharing your journey of creation. I wish I were as comfortable with PSE and its layers. I usually just get frustrated and go back to my old, comfortable Digital Image Pro, which I use 99% of the time. Beautiful creative work, Glenys!

Rein said...

Wonderful art work, great collage!

Bill said...

This is absolutely wonderful. If only to have the imagination of a child again!

"MOI" Freubel said...

I'm a little behind with my visits to all my friends but GOSH !! If you only knew how happy I am to read and SEE this post of you Glenys !!
In one word.....MASTERPIECES (realy in the TRUE sense of the word !!)
Glad that I could help you !! :)