Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop Press.. Three Muses "newspaper" Challenge

STOP PRESS.. a stitched collage.
I have gone way past what has been shown on the Three Muses Site for the 'Newspaper' challenge! More than a digital artist, I am a textile artist, that turns to stitch more times than not.
I would like to share with you this piece of work that I made in 2008. All wool, handstitched.
If it is in the wrong place, then let me know and I will remove it from the challenge.


Lori Saul said...

This is fantastic ! I love to work in fiber and needlworks but I don't have as much time these days. Your artistry and design are wonderful!

Ozstuff said...

Welcome to the Three Muses challenge, Glenys, and to a fellow Aussie (Marie aka Ozstuff - one of the hosts of the challenge). Our blog message to participants is a bit lost, having been pushed down to the very bottom of a very long page. The gist of it is that there are no rules, no rights or wrongs, no preference in art styles, in fact NOTHING that gets in the way of creativity. Would we ever ask for an art piece to be removed? No way.
Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. I love your fibre and needlework art - and all your blogs! You are one busy lady. Hope to see you back again when you have the time.

Femmy said...


Taluula said...

Oh wow I'm blown away by this one, it is simply wonderful and awe inspiring. I couldn't even think about attempting something so beautiful.